Decentralised Protocol
A new swap of the future on ETH & BSC
Why choosing Yearnswap?
Automated Liquidity Pooled swap and Liquidity Mining with cross chain Support is a decentralized ecosystem of aggregators that utilize lending services such as Aave, YFi, Compound, Dydx, and Fulcrum to optimize your token lending and a decentralized Exchange with fully automated market making on the ethereum blockchain. You can swap any of your ERC20 tokens with and provide liquidity to earn fees. provides Yield Farming too, By providing Liquidity In /, You can earn YFSW tokens. And stake them to get up to 50% APR. YFS,’s governance token, is distributed only to users who provide liquidity with certain ERC20 Tokens. With Low amount of Pre-Mined tokens for PRE-SALE, YFS strives to be the most decentralized token. Although most of the ecosystem was built by the Us, control of YFS is owned by users themselves, as YFS users Vote for the development Of the decentralized protocol and Exchange. As a truly decentralized protocol, any changes to the ecosystem are always done via on-chain proposals and voting.



Stake YEARNSWAP & get an APR of 27% and it can be unlocked anytime.


Highest yield in market Upto 23% APR for supported coins (DAI, USDC, USDT, TUSD, BUSD, PAX)

Yield Farming

Get upto 2000% APR by providing liquidity in YearnSwap and uniswap Protocols
Our Tokens
What is YearnSwap token?
Without blockchain
the identity
No transaction
Global System
and Secure
YearnSwap Exchange
Exchange between your assets without sending anything to anyone or without any fear of loss. Introducing YearnSwap Decentralised Exchange
YearnSwap , the decentralised exchange of future
Token sale term
  • Name:YearnSwap
  • Max Token:10,000 YFSW
  • Hard Cap:500 ETH
  • Price:1 ETH = 20 YFSW
  • Currency:ETH
  • Min Purchase:0.1 ETH / 2 YFSW
  • Starts:October 10 (9:00 AM)
  • Ends:November 10 (11:59 PM)
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Our Strategy and Project Plan

Sep 2020

Project idea and team meetup

Oct 2020

Presale Start

Nov 2020

Uniswap and exchange listing
farms and staking dapp with inbilt swap launch

Dec 2020

Full ecosystem launch

Jan 2021 listing

Feb 2021

Cross Chain defi

Apr 2021

Cross Blockchain Devlopment

  • Oct 2020Pre-sale Start.
  • Dec 2020Full ecosystem launch.
  • Feb 2021Cross Chain defi
  • Sep 2020Project idea and team meetup
  • Nov 2020Uniswap and exchange listing
    farms and staking dapp with inbilt swap launch.
  • Jan & listing
  • Apr 2021Cross Blockchain Devlopment.
Our Team
Meet our Professionals
Rahul Keshri

CEO and Founder Of YearnSwap, Professional Solidity developer, Blockchain Specialist, Successful entrepreneur, Founder and CEO of RK Group International Limited.

Ankita Sharma
Co-founder & CMO

Ankita Is the co-founder and CMO of YearnSwap, Ankita has a decade of experience in Marketing & Profesional Media Specialist.

Quilaty Project From The House Of

Wallets to Store and send Receive YearnSwap (YFSW) token
Trust – Ethereum Wallet

The most trusted & secure crypto wallet

MetaMask wallet

A crypto wallet & gateway to blockchain apps


Ethereum’s Original Wallet


To Be Listed

Frequently Questions

YearnSwap is a decentralised Exchange and Yield Farming , Staking application based on Ethereum Blockchain.

YFSW is the core token of YearnSwap Ecosystem . It is used in governance of the protocol and in various Features .

Currently YFSW is based on Ethereum (ETH) , But in future it is planned to be Supported on other EVM Supported blockchains like Binance smart chain.

YFSW will be 100$ to 10000$ depending on market.

Yes . YearnSwap is fully decentralised and governed by the token holders.

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